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North and South Carolina Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood Insurance in North and South Carolina

Most people often think that flood insurance is for homeowners living in high-risk flood areas. Undoubtedly, people in high-risk areas need to get flood insurance, but so should other people. About 20% of flood claims are from residents in low-risk flood zones, meaning anyone is at risk of suffering flood damage. At Carolina Premier Insurance LLC in Mint Hill, NC, we explain to you some of the reasons you need to get flood insurance in South and North Carolina.

Flood Insurance is Not Covered Under Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowners insurance provides coverage for any water damage caused by leaking water pipes or rain entering your home and not flooding. So, if you have not purchased flood insurance, you will have to cover any arising expenses for your home from out of pocket. A major flood can destroy your entire home, leading to financial distress. That is why it is essential to consider flood insurance for your home.

Floods Are Common

With the recent climate changes that have been going on, flooding can happen anywhere. It has become a common disaster facing most areas, which exposes most people to the possibility of losing their homes. At least with flood insurance, you are protecting yourself from any unforeseen perils.

Protecting Your Finances

Even a minor flood is likely to result in thousands of dollars worth of damage. For instance, 3 inches of floodwater is enough to ruin your hardwood flooring, baseboards, carpeting, furniture, and drywall. Without a flood insurance policy, such a loss can set you back significantly. To protect your finances, get flood insurance.

South and North Carolina residents ready to get started on flood insurance can reach out to Carolina Premier Insurance LLC in Mint Hill, NC. This type of insurance option is crucial for your loved ones. We understand that your finances are important to you, and no one can foresee any disaster. Instead of taking chances with your home, purchase adequate flood insurance today.

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