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Carolina Premier Insurance

North and South Carolina

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Mint Hill, NC Insurance Agents • Carolina Premier Insurance

Welcome to Carolina Premier Insurance LLC

The primary purpose of obtaining any insurance is to ensure financial protection against catastrophes that may occur in our business and personal lives. Since rules differ from state to state, and there are exceptions involved with all types of policy commitments, it's always best to consult with experienced insurance agents on the kind of insurance you're seeking so all necessary details can be explained.

A popular trend that has developed is insurance companies that research to find an assortment of insurance providers who can offer reliable benefits for potential customers. At Carolina Premier Insurance LLC, serving North Carolina to South Carolina, we're able to provide this valuable service, and all our customers are assured of being paired with the finest insurance companies to receive policies that suit their needs.

The agents at Carolina Premier Insurance LLC in Mint Hill, NC are licensed insurance professionals who place our prospective customers' needs at the top of the list. We specialize in Auto, Home, Life, Health, and Commercial & Business insurance for the Carolina population. Helping potential customers decide on the type of insurance suitable for them is determined by our discussions with each person. Once we have the details of what's required, we then explore the available companies and policies to present to each person for their acceptance and approval.

There are many different components involved in the insurance industry, so we can't stress enough that those seeking insurance should become knowledgeable about the kind of insurance they need. It's even more critical that a person first evaluates their needs before inquiring about insurance in South Carolina and North Carolina. This is the starting point that helps us find what type of insurance is best.

We can assist you from start to finish, so feel free to contact us by phone, email, or stop by our office in Mint Hill, NC.


Our mission is to provide peace of mind to our customers and assist them in meeting their life goals by minimizing their risks and protecting their assets. We achieve this through providing personalized quality products and customer care with integrity and professionalism. We want our customers to choose our office because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of price, service and expertise. Call us today.