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North and South Carolina General Liabiliy Insurance Coverage

General Liabiliy Insurance in North and South Carolina

If you live on the East Coast, owning a business is one of the many joys of life. It can be very satisfying watching your business grow from infantry to a stable venture giving you income. But along with that joy, there are some responsibilities that a business owner has to carry. One of them involves getting commercial insurance, particularly general liability insurance. This is a type of business insurance that most business owners get while still assessing the specific risks their company may be exposed to. At Carolina Premier Insurance LLC in Mint Hill, NC, serving the people of North Carolina and South Carolina, we know how important a business is to the owner, and we can help you protect it adequately.

What Does General Liability Cover?

Most small business owners buy this policy to protect their business from various claims like:

  • Property damage: If your business causes any damage to a third party’s property, this policy will cover those resulting expenses.
  • Bodily injury: If a customer slips and falls at your business premises and gets injured, your insurance policy will help pay for the medical expenses.
  • Copyright infringement: In case you use someone else’s work without permission, and you get sued, the policy will cover those copyright claims, saving you from financial loss
  • Advertising injury: If you run an ad that defames another business or someone and you are sued, the policy will cover those legal fees
  • Reputational harm: If you say something negative that affects people’s reputation or business and they sue you for damages, the policy will cover those resulting expenses.

When running a business in South or North Carolina without general liability insurance, you leave your company exposed to risks that can result in financial distress. Instead of taking such a risk, get in touch with Carolina Premier Insurance LLC in Mint Hill, NC today. We have helped many business owners, and we will be glad to offer our services to you as well.

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